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College Education Is Costing Students

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College students of this generation are suffering, why? Because college tuitions are higher than ever, with students at four year state schools paying an average of $8,893 a year and at private schools they pay roughly $30,094 a year, according to a recent New York Times article.

Jose Villegas, 20, and a business administration major is concerned about the cost and isn’t sure it’s worth it, “Yeah it’s a concern because I want to be able to cover it(tuition costs) without loans,” Villegas said, he added “I’m not sure if it’s worth it because there a lot of people with degrees without jobs.”

These are the types of things students today are worried about without a savings account that has matured, the cost of college can be a daunting idea.

But for students that do have a savings like Emily Csabanyi, 18 and undeclared, aren’t worried “When I was born my parents and grandma set up seperate college accounts so I have that to help cover costs,” Csabanyi said, “I’m not worried about costs.”

Students like Emily are very lucky out of the six people I spoke to only two had a full college savings account set up, still six out of six said they will be working through college, “Working just helps to cover some of the costs..” Matthew Faiola, 20, and a P.E major said.

According to the NY Times article, the cost of attending college have risen faster than the costs of other goods and services despite, family incomes declining across the board. A more troubling sign is that of students in 2011-2012 who earned bachelor’s degrees nearly 60 percent of them graduated with debt averaging nearly $26,500.

The debt arises mainly from taking out federal and state student loans to cover the costs, Elma Gljiva, 20 and a radiology major doesn’t want to worry about repaying loans, “ I don’t want to but, if I really have to then I will.” she said.

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Elma’s worry is well founded nearly a trillion dollars in outstanding student debt, and seven million student loan borrowers in default, according to the NY Times. This places students well behind once they get their degrees sometimes taking up to 10 years to repay all of their debt.

Some students like Sal Temores, 20, a kinesiology major are relying on financial aid, which you do not have to repay to cover the cost “ From my perspective I am not concerned about the costs because I receive a lot of help from FAFSA every year.”

FAFSA or the Free Application for Federal Student Aid is a common way students can get money to cut down on debt and total costs.

Unfortunately some students do not qualify for FAFSA, and they have to carry the burden of possible debt and repayment of these debts, but the students are not the only ones who suffer.

Parents and other family members often help pay or pay it all, De Anza College student parent Carrie Stokes says it’s difficult, “ To be able to come up with all the money these colleges want while having to pay bills and rent, without loans it wouldn’t be possible for my son without risking my 401k.”

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